Check Requests and Cash Verification Form

Check Request Procedure

Please use the following procedure for North Atlanta PTSA check requests:

  • Reimbursement requests should be submitted within a week of the event and no later than 30 days past the date on your receipt.
  • Download the New Check Request Form for 2023-24.
  • Complete the form including budget category and detail for each receipt.
  • Attach receipts. When scanning or taking a photo, please send a large file size that is easy to read.
  • Include a mailing address for the check mailed to your home when needed
  • If submitted by a Committee Chair, obtain the signature of your VP.
  • Scan all docs and email to (preferred) or place in PTSA Treasurer's mailbox in the North Atlanta front office AND email the treasurer to notify.
  • All PTSA checks require two signatures, so it will take approximately 1-2 weeks to process the request.
  • If you have an event with catering, PTSA should pay the caterer directly. Please submit the catering invoice at least a week in advance of your event in order to process the check in time for the event.
  • All gift cards issued or raffle prizes drawn must have an accompanying log of recipients.

If you lose a PTSA reimbursement check and would like for it to be reissued, PTSA will subtract the $26 bank stop payment fee from the reissued check amount.


Deposits - Receiving Cash and Checks

If you are volunteering at a PTSA Event that accepts cash & checks, always ensure TWO people count and sign off of the amount collected at the end of the evening.  Please use the following form when submitting cash and checks to the PTSA Treasurer:  PTSA Funds Verification Form.